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Paul Salon was conceptualised by Abdul Karim. Hailing from a village in Uttar Pradesh near Gorakhpur, Abdul’s story is of humble beginnings. He started working in a barber shop in his village and then moved to Mumbai at the age of 14. Completely self taught, he started cutting hair at a local barber shop in Mumbai. He went back to Goraphpur and started work in another salon when one of the salon owners, recognising his talent coaxed him to go to Bangalore. With just dreams and hope and very little money he landed in Bangalore. He eventually worked his way up the ladder by working with some of the leading brands in Bangalore all the while honing his hair dressing skills which eventually led to him becoming a Kerastase ambassador, a huge honor in the hair dressing industry. After this there was no looking back. He branched our on his own and opened his first salon in 2017 and christened it Paul Salon in Mahadevpura. He opened his second salon in 2019 and is on an expansion spree.

His team of stylists and therapists are world class and the high benchmarks set by Abdul have been maintained and they are constantly striving to achieve customer delight.

Paul Salon for Men and Women

Healthy hair that looks attractive can make you feel confident and super attractive. Shiny and Strong hair makes you the cynosure of all eyes.

Paul Salon for men and women is the right place to find solutions for a wide range of all type of styling and grooming needs, it offers Waxing & Hair Removal, Hair Cut, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial & etc., at reasonable rates..

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Why Paul Salon B Narayanapura

Few tips which will help you to find your perfect Salon in B Narayanapura, Bangalore.

We all know how important a beauty salon is for all of us. Everyone wants to feel pampered and there is no better place than a good salon which has all the ingridients to make you beautiful, stress free and relaxed. So it’s obvious that choosing a beauty salon is not an easy task. Bangalore is a metro city that has a beauty salon located in every nook and corner and one can easily get intimidated when it comes to deciding which salon to visit they will think first Paul Salon B Narayanapura, Bangalore.


Paul salon is one best salon in B Narayanapura, Bangalore. It must have a soothing and inviting atmosphere where you can forget all your worries and just focus on yourself. Pleasant surroundings, clean and comfy settings and a welcoming vibe works wonders at first sight.

Friendly Staffs

Look for a salon which has experienced staff and knows what they are doing. If you cannot know this for sure, maybe ask around in your friend circle and neighbourhood. You will surely get tons of reviews. Choose a place where you can find certified professionals. You just can’t trust anyone after all! When it comes to your pampering and grooming needs, only trust the experts.

Salon Equipments

Whenever you visit a salon, see the quality of equipments they use. Make sure that the salon you pick uses latest and good quality appliances that work well and are in good condition.

Customer Service

We all want our stylists and makeup artists to bring life to the look that we have imagined for ourselves. No one wants to settle for something mediocre or face disappointment on an important day! At Paul Salon B Narayanapura we have experts who understand what you need and will create a look for you that will suit your personal style and also takes into account current fashion.


Along with the salon equipments, make sure your salon is using good quality products of well-known brands. You deserve the best when it comes to choosing any beauty treatment. At Paul Salon B Narayanapura we only use the best and premium range of brands and products for all our beauty treatments.

At Paul Salon B Narayanapura we strive to delight our customers with each and every visit! With carefully chosen products and treatments that are personalized for each client, we aim to deliver the best beauty experience that is possible! Book your appointment today and give us a chance to prove it!

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